Innovative Learning Apps

Practice mental math, reading, writing and foreign languages with these new and innovative learning apps for Android and iOS

Practice by handwriting

No ready-made solutions and choices. Increase learning success through handwritten practice.

Increase learning success

Directed exercises and repetitions, unlimited expandable and customizable

100% local, 100% ad-free

No hidden costs. Practice and play with multiple users indefinitely for the price of a pencil.

practice handwriting üben Handschrift

Why is writing by hand important?

The keyboard is increasingly replacing our handwriting. That’s not bad, but it’s difficult, especially for learning.

Learning apps to practice mental math by handwriting

Practicing by hand also helps with mental math. Learn more about why mental math is so important in general and what possibilities there are to practice mental math.

Learning apps to practice reading and writing by handwriting

Written words are better remembered. Practice reading and writing and improve your spelling in various languages by reading along, speed reading or writing by listening.

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